Handmade items are just that - made by hand. They are not mass-produced by machines.

Your handmade item might have a slightly different color from the original image. The size or shape might vary slightly. However, all bath and beauty items are priced by weight and though they might weigh a bit more than is advertised, they will never...ever...weigh less!

Container details, where applicable, may vary. The bottles, jars, tubes, or tins may vary in color or shape, unless specified otherwise, depending on availability of those exact packaging items. Product amounts remain the same as specified in the item descriptions.

Please do note that when choosing a specific formula, there could be a 1-3 day delay in shipment if that formula is not in stock with the specific options you ordered. If this is the case, we will notify you on receipt of order.

Ten percent of all net profits go to Oregon Ferret Shelter.

An additional ten percent net profit goes to rescue and wildlife defense - see details in specific item descriptions as well as links to learn more about the organizations.