Palm oil qualities

Palm oil imparts many of the same qualities to soap as that of beef tallow, but avoids the negative impacts of animal derived material. It makes a hard, long lasting bar of soap with rich, creamy lather.  Palm kernel oil gives a nice hard, white bar of soap with tons of luscious lather. But Olde Traditions refuses to use palm oil.

Why does Olde Traditions refuse to use palm and palm kernel oils?  

Around 50 million tons of palm oil is produced annually. It is used mainly in foods, cosmetics, and cleaning agents. The average first-world citizen consumes at least 22 pounds of palm oil each year. Almost all of that is non-sustainable palm oil.  Palm oil plantations are rapidly replacing the natural and ecologically necessary rain forest. The land is cleared and burned to create the palm plantations that will be viable sources of the oil for only around 20 – 50 years, at which time the soil will be drained of its nutrients and the trees too old to produce palm fruit.

Let’s back up a bit. Going back to the clearing of the rain forest, immediate collateral damage includes indigenous populations [often hired to work in risky, dangerous conditions by the plantation managers at beggar’s wages, after they are displaced] as well as the soon to be extinct orangutan [beaten or burned to death, buried alive, or sold to the ‘entertainment’ industry].   Government data shows that over 50,000 orangutans have already died in the last two decades. Experts predict extinction within 3 – 12 years. Many other animals are affected as well, including the Sumatran tiger, Asian and Sumatran Rhinoceros, Sun Bears, Pygmy elephants, Clouded Leopards, and Proboscis monkey. Learn more

Great alternatives do exist

You will appreciate that alternative ingredients used in Olde Traditions soaps not only give you the luxurious, creamy lather that your skin craves ... they also respect our environment as well as the people working to produce them.

Ten percent of all net profits go to Oregon Ferret Shelter.

An additional ten percent net profit goes to rescue and wildlife defense - see details in specific item descriptions as well as links to learn more about the organizations.